Defend Your Core Business

Defend Your Core Business

If you are looking to use a Meter Data Management System (MDMS) to aid with the collection and storage of meter data to support your core business i.e. if you are a Metering Equipment Provider (MEP), Retailer, integrated utility or some other link in the chain, the chances are that the maintenance of IT hardware and software is not core to your business. Yes it is an important part thatsupports your business but is not the reason you are in business.

By moving the headaches of managing the hardware and software for your MDMS to Fluid MDM you can concentrate on growing revenue and looking after the bigger things while we can take care of the little things.

Our Approach

We love dealing with the servers, load balancers, switches and routers as well as the patching of the operating systems, upgrading underlying software and the main application itself. After being woken up in the wee hours of the morning on too many occasions while working in the industry, we realised there is a better way to structure applications so that they can be highly available (HA) and provide for disaster recovery (DR).

Learning From the Best

Taking ideas and lessons learnt from how organisations like Google, Facebook, IBM, Amazon and Xero do things, we have come up with a rock solid platform for which to store your data, with automatic scaling up when you need extra processing (up to limits you specify) and the just as important automatic scale down when there is no more work to be done. This ensures the application works at its optimum level ensuring you don’t have to wait for your data to be processed but also you don’t incur any extra unnecessary charges.

Access to Your Data

While we are the guardians of your data, you have direct access to it at anytime from anywhere – complete exports can be made of anything you need. This is different to most other MDM vendors which lock you into using their product as you can only use their tools to look at and view the data. If you want an export of all or subsets of your data from their systems, that’ll usually require customisation to untangle the data from how it is stored in its proprietary format (read: write a blank cheque).

Get on with the Bigger Things

So while we’re ensuring things our humming in the background with our proactive monitoring, you can get on with the more important and bigger things like profiling your consumers to see if you can design new tariffs, or analysing your network for regular outages for where parts of your infrastructure might need upgrading.