Our Solutions

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Our core Meter Data Management solution, purpose built and designed for simplicity, ease of use and speed of integration.


Our on-call rostering and paging solution that wakes the correct people up in the middle of the night.


Our task/issue/incident management system with time tracking capabilities and integration into Xero for client invoicing.


Our status page that pulls incidents and maintenance schedules from issue management systems and notifies customers.

Base Features in All Solutions


Simplistic Design

Why over complicate things when the best designs are based on simple ideas?


Security Up Front

Designed with security in mind, not as an after thought.

Agile Development

Our agile methodology means you get results faster.

Cloud Based

SaaS solutions relieving you of all hosting and maintenance tasks.

Pay As You Grow

Only pay for what you consume so if you use more, you pay more.

Service Oriented Architecture

Loosely coupled services enables flexibility, reuse and easier integration.

Modular Architecture

Like building blocks, choose only the parts that fit your specific needs.

Unparalleled Support

We’re here for you – if you just need office hours or full 24×7 support.


HA and DR Built In

High Availability and Disaster Recovery are included by default.

Let Us Talk Through Your Requirements

Every organisation is different and unique.  Give us a call if you need advice, help or would like to see how our solutions can seamlessly integrate into your environment.