MDM Platform

Our experience showed that the utility industry lacked a simple and efficient Meter Data Management (MDM) solution that fitted into any Smart Grid environment.  So we decided to build one.


Highlighted Features


Centralised Repository

By consolidating and centralising all of your consumption data into one place, this makes it easier to provide data out to other line-of-business systems and applications, rather than having to store the data in multiple places.  This ensures there is always just a single version of the truth when it comes to your data.

All Modules Enabled From Day One

With our MDM solution, all of our modules are enabled in the base platform from day one – no additional costs or licencing to get access to those extra features.

Simple Pricing

No more outdated licencing models.  Pay for the base platform and then if you use more (by running multiple data loads per day or profiling your complete consumer base), you pay more – its that simple!

Designed for the Cloud

By being offered as a SaaS solution in the cloud, it means you can defend your core business and leave the operation and maintenance of your MDM platform to us.

Automatic Scale Up and Down

Our platform is highly scalable, meaning if you suddenly need to load a backlog of data our platform automatically scales out to cope with the additional load, and then scales back in only charging you for the extra resources used during the loading process.

Validation, Estimation and Editing (VEE)

Incoming consumption data can sometimes have problems with gaps or incorrect timestamps due to communication issues.  These problems can be caught with our VEE rules which enables you to validate the consumption, estimate any intervals where appropriate and edit the data if required, according to your specific needs.

Inbuilt Support

With support options ranging from business hours only to full 24×7 support, any issues or queries you may have while using our MDM platform can be raised directly from the application to us.  This enables us to answer and resolve any problems as quickly as we can and provide you with the best support possible.

Seamless Integration

With our Service Oriented Architecture and RESTful APIs, we can help seamlessly integrate your back office systems with our MDM platform.

Incidents Visible on Our Status Page

Incidents or maintenance schedules on your MDM platform are displayed on our FluidSTATUS page, keeping you up-to-date with the status of any incidents.



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