Hosted Status Page

Let your customers select how they would like to receive updates on incidents and maintenance schedules.  Oh and they’ll love the honesty of your availability graphs and openness of your incident reports.


Highlighted Features


Notify Customers Regarding Incidents and Maintenance Schedules

Incidents that cause outages or upcoming maintenance are automatically displayed on your status page leaving you with more time on your hands to improve your systems, rather than notifying your customers.

Customers Choose Their Method of Notification

When customers sign up to receive updates on the status of your services, they get to choose how they will be notified.  Whether it be via email, SMS, or even API callback, they can get notified of an issue as soon as it occurs.

Automatic Incident Reports

Outages do sometimes occur, after which you should produce an incident report (IR).  Trouble is all the on-call staff that responded to the incident are now asleep and you have customers demanding to know what went wrong and what you’re doing about it.  An IR can be available automatically for download with only those notes and comments approved as appropriate for your customers.

White Label Solution

You can customise the look and feel of your status page so that it fits in with your organisation’s branding.

Isolated Instances

Your status page is exactly that – yours!  It is held securely and in complete isolation to other clients giving you piece of mind that we’ve got you covered.

Seamless Integration

FluidSTATUS integrates directly with issue management systems so there is no re-keying of information into your status page – all comments and incidents/maintenance schedules marked as public are pulled through automatically!



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