Task Management

Track your tasks or issues and the associated time spent resolving them, then enjoy the automated creation of client invoices all from one place!


Highlighted Features


Prioritise Your Tasks With Ease

Track and prioritise your tasks, issues, tickets or incidents across multiple projects and customers with ease, shortening your time to resolve urgent queries and delighting your customers.

Time Tracking as Standard

Time taken on completing tasks or resolving incidents can be tracked and reported on for spotting trends.

TIme Spent Logged Directly onto Client Invoices in Xero

Pull the time spent logged against tasks through onto invoices for your clients that get created directly in Xero!

Alerts Can Automatically Create Incidents

Events occurring in your FluidALERT (extra charges apply) can automatically trigger incidents to be raised in FluidTASK saving you time and ensuring all details of an investigation are kept in one place.

Incidents Visible on Your Status Page

Incidents or maintenance schedules marked as public are automatically displayed on your FluidSTATUS page (extra charges apply), keeping your customers up-to-date with the status of any issues.

White Label Solution

You can customise the look and feel of your task management solution so that it fits in with your organisation’s branding.

Isolated Instances

Your task management solution is exactly that – yours!  It is held securely and in complete isolation to other clients giving you piece of mind that we’ve got you covered.



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For large organisations
  • Task/Issue/Incident Tracker
  • Tasks Visible as Agile Board
  • Drag and Drop Reprioritisation
  • Included Time Tracking Against Tasks
  • Task Hours Direct to Invoices With Xero Integration
  • Alerts Generated from FluidALERT Become Incidents*
  • Comments Visible on Your FluidSTATUS Page*
  • Fully Open RESTful API
  • IP Address Restriction
  • White Label Branding
  • Isolated Instances
  • Unlimited Data Retention
  • Unlimited API Calls
  • Full 24×7 Support
  • Training
  • SSO (coming soon!)


How many users do I need?

Every person who needs to create, view or modify tasks is a paid user.

How many tasks can be created with my account?

Unlimited!  You can create as many tasks as you want.

Can I pay monthly or annually?

Yes to both.  You choose whether you want to pay monthly or annually by credit card or bank transfer.

Is my data safe?

In a word yes.  Your data is held in complete isolation to other clients and is regularly backed up and restored to test data restoration procedures.

What applications can FluidTASK be integrated with?

FluidTASK has a rich set of RESTful APIs which can be used to select and update data from any other system or application.

Alerts from FluidALERT can be raised as tasks or incidents within FluidTASK, so that a full timeline of the investigation, comments, notes and actions can be recorded for later analysis or action.

Tasks raised as incidents or maintenance schedules within FluidTASK can be automatically pulled through to be displayed on your own FluidSTATUS page.

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Task management and time tracking made easy - seamlessly integrated into your client invoicing.